Let the Adventure begin



Blog Post Writing

  • Idea Generation & Strategy

  • Written Copy of Blog Posts - approximately 500 words. 

    • Got an idea? I can create blog posts from scratch.

    • Have a draft, but want help finishing it? Have an outline or general understanding of what you want to say?  I can take bullet points into a full fledged written draft.

Package 1: 4 Blog Posts/month + Idea Generation & Strategy: 

Package 2: 2 Blog Posts/month + Idea Generation & Strategy: 

One-Off Posts available - client provides draft and/or original idea, no strategy included


Write Email Newsletter Content 

  • Idea Generation & Strategy 

  • Create weekly/monthly content for plug in to existing newsletter template

Package 1: Weekly Newsletters (4/month) + Idea Generation & Strategy: 

Package 2: Biweekly Newsletter (2/month) + Idea Generation & Strategy: 

One-Off Newsletter available - template and strategy provided by client


Social Content - Captions to pair with images

  • Write concise and strategic captions to be paired with client generated images.  Captions to align with client directed strategy

Package 1: 8 posts per month

One-Off Captions available