Survival Mode: March Edition

Consider joining a Virtual CoWorking Group! HeraHub Carlsbad has been putting out amazing coworking content and opportunities to help us focus from home!

Online Networking & Virtual Workshops. Level has launched a virtual membership that offers access to all online workshops. Not sure on the committment? Pay per event and check one out! Worth it, I promise.

Pick Up a New Skill - Udemy or LinkedIn Learning are great tools if you are looking to expand your knowledge or skill base.

Cook a New Meal (or hobby!) - Being at home forced me to up my cooking game and get creative. Want to check it out? We may or may not have started our own instagram page...

Give Yourself Grace and Forgiveness. Our definitions of success may have shifted and thats 100% okay. Giving yourself the space to feel and do what you need is crucial as we navigate to this new environment.

About the Author

Emily Gorrie is a sales and business strategist with a background in corporate sales. She works with businesses who are looking for strategic direction to scale their business. If you’re interested in learning more or working with Emily, check out her website EmVP Consulting.